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A Family's Commitment to Clean

At Mejia Cleaning Services LLC, we're more than a cleaning service. Being a family-owned business based in Danbury, we deeply understand our community's needs. For five enriching years, we've devoted ourselves to offering unmatched cleaning for residential and commercial spaces alike. Every area we handle receives the warmth and dedication of a family touch. Our continuous journey in the cleaning industry has been fulfilling, and we strive to bring the best to every client, ensuring spaces are transformed impeccably.

Services Spanning Every Need

Our versatile services cater to various needs, from the challenging post-construction cleanup to the meticulous office cleaning routine. We've mastered it all: refreshing carpets, maintaining chimneys, ensuring gutters' cleanliness, or offering specialized condominium cleaning. We provide that no stone is left unturned and every corner shines perfectly. Our services guarantee satisfaction, reflecting our passion and dedication in every project we undertake.

Mejia Cleaning Services LLC

Benefits Beyond Clean

Being available 24/7, we redefine service availability, ensuring we're always there when needed. But the benefits don't just stop at convenience. Our insured and bonded status is a testament to our reliability. With Mejia Cleaning Services LLC, clients get more than just a clean space; they receive peace of mind, trust, and a commitment that stands strong daily.


Why We Stand Out

In our five-year journey, we've built more than just a business; we've built trust. Being insured and bonded isn't merely a label; it's our commitment to excellence. Big or small projects get the same dedication and expertise, making us the go-to choice for many. In the world of cleaning, experience speaks volumes, and our legacy is unwavering quality and unparalleled service.

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