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Érika in Madison - 5.0

Date: 2023-08-17

Project: Hause Cleanig

Alexandra is amazing! She cleaned my house last minute and hers and her crew did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The house was like new again! Thank you Ms. Alexandra for the excellent service from her! 100%

Nadia in Weston - 5.0

Date: 2022-11-03

Project: Deep clean

What a truly amazing job! I had given up hope that my house would ever look spotless again after having two kids, but I was proven wrong. Every surface and part of the house that could be cleaned or organized was. Completely impressed and happy with the results. Will use their services in the future!

Dava JoHnson in Bethel - 5.0

Date: 2022-10-21

Project: House cleaning

Mejia Cleaning Services was contracted to remove extensive mold from a shower stall. The crew did an amazing job! The shower stall looked new, better than ever! Also, the team went above and beyond what we asked for, cleaning the entire bathroom, leaving it spotless, and also vacuuming the surrounding areas. The ladies who did the work were very nice, very polite and very professional. Also, they arrived at the scheduled time. We feel very lucky to have The crew did an amazing job! The shower stall looked brand new, better than it has ever looked! In addition, the crew did more than we asked, cleaning the entire bathroom, making it look immaculate, and also vacuuming surrounding areas. The ladies who did the work were very friendly, very polite, and very professional. In addition, they arrived at the scheduled time. We feel very fortunate to have found this company and look to having them continue to do projects for us

Zoey Keefer in Ridgefield - 5.0

Date: 2022-03-31

Project: House Cleaning

I called Mejia Cleaning one evening, and Alejandro returned my call within a few minutes. He was able to fit in my house cleaning the next day. His wife, Alexandra, and two assistants, cleaned our rental property in two hours - so basically six hours of cleaning. They moved the frig and portable dishwasher. The place sparkled and smelled wonderful when they finished. They are very pleasant to have in your home - upbeat and positive. They worked very hard. It would have taken me much longer to clean the house and it wouldn't have looked or smelled as good. They knew what they were doing and had all the cleaning supplies. I will be calling them again.

Katty in Danbury - 5.0

Date: 2022-02-24

Project: Cleaning

Alejandro came the same day I contacted him to give me an estimate after that he sent his girls the girls were very respectful very professional in a very excellent job I always recommend Mejia Cleaning Services

David in New Milford - 5.0

Date: 2022-02-24

Project: Cleaning

Very special and very hard-working, they do a spectacular job. I always recommend the girls at Mejia Cleaning Alexandra and her team, they are wonderful.

Megan FitzGerald in Danbury - 5.0

Date: 2021-08-14

Project: Cleaning

I would give Mejia Cleaning 10 stars if I could! Alejandro was extremely responsive and helped me out with a job on very short notice. The women who cleaned were fabulous. They were meticulous and efficient, and left the house sparkling! I give them my highest recommendation and thanks!

lema in Brookfield - 5.0

Date: 2021-07-04

Project: Clening House

Wonderful service. Alejandro came on time did an excellent job cleaning my house. I highly recommend Mejia cleaning service

Luz in Newtown - 5.0

Date: 2021-06-19

Project: Home cleaning

Very pleased with the service, I am very demanding and they exceeded my expectations.

Carlos in Newfarfil - 5.0

Date: 2021-04-19

Project: Cleaning house

Grasias Alejandro for the fabulous work that you attend in my house, I hired Mejía cleaning services and they came to my house and left it as new, Grasias Alejandro highly recommended

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