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Michele Rivero in New Milford - 5.0

Date: 2020-08-27

Project: Monthly cleaning

First time using a cleaning service and Alejandro answered my inquiry right away. He offered to come same day to give a quote and started right away! The cleaning job was amazing. The staff member was very nice. They got stains out of my tub that had been there since we moved in. Had me do a walkthrough when they were down. Going to be using them on a monthly basis. Decent pricing.

Dennis in Bethel - 5.0

Date: 2020-08-18

Project: Clean spots off roof

He came over to size up the job and give me a quote. The next appointment was to do the actual work but the ladder was too short he was supposed to size up the job the first time he was out so I had to wait an extra day but he did make up for it. came super early in the morning to fix the mistake so high marks for that

Julieta in Danbury ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-08-16

Project: Cleaning

I know that sometimes I get too sentimental ... 🤦‍♀️ Today today Alejandro the owner of the company Mejía cleaning services Llc did a job organizing the closet. It was just beautiful !! Yes Yes, I cried after seeing the organization before and after 😊. The only thing I can say is. That was beautiful !!!!!! 🙏

Debbie in Bethel - 5.0

Date: 2020-08-03

Project: house cleaning

Highly recommend Alejandro and his team to clean your home. I hired him at first to clean a vacant home that I was selling and they were timely and professional. They did such a fabulous job I hired them to do my own home. They spent the whole day deep cleaning everything. From carpets to window to cabinets. Sparkling clean and looking great! Very conscientious group! Definitely great pride in their work. I highly recommend their services. They are honest and hardworking! Thank you thank you for a job well done!!

Melva in Danbury - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-21

Project: Linpieza

(¡Dios mío, Alejandro ¡Acabamos de llegar a casa y la casa se ve INCREÍBLE! ¡Hiciste un trabajo fantástico y estamos TAN FELICES gracias por tu excelente trabajo muchas gracias

Kimberly in Fairfield ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-20

Project: Cleaning

Quick response, showed up right on time and did a fantastic job. Along with the outside of the house, we had the windows cleaned. A professional business that we highly recommend."

John in Danbury ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-20

Project: Cleaning

Mejía cleaning services Llc Excellent service. Professional, educated, safely worked and did a fantastic job. I would hire him the next time I need the same service.

Michael in Greenwich ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-20

Project: Cleaning

Our kitchen was 10 years old and badly in need of a remodel when I called Mejia cleaning services Llc for help. Alejandro came to look at the space asking about our plans for the kitchen in terms of the desired cooking capacity. , storage space and entertainment functions. He made voracious notes from which he created plans for an incredibly modern design that fits our budget and meets our goals. He and his team completed the work on time and on budget. They created an amazing space that really makes us feel so much more "at home" in our kitchen. Especially if you are not sure exactly what you need, call Mejia Cleaning Services Llc for creative ideas and great results, Thanks Alejandro

Suley in Danbury ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-20

Project: Cleaning

I am a busy mother of 4 children and I contacted the Cleaning Service of Mejia cleaning services Llc and I spoke with Alejandro and he was able to come the same day to give me an estimate of a deep cleaning. size of my house, the price was reasonable. Alejandro came in and looked for dust in places in my house that I didn't think he would check. He was able to take his group to my house on a Saturday. It was very comfortable leaving my house with the group of women who came to clean. They did an AMAZING job. I don't think I've ever seen my marble counter tops shine like they did in my bathroom and kitchen. I would highly recommend them. I am very picky when it comes to cleaning my house professionally. I never thought they could clean it like I did, but ... they cleaned it better. I am happy to finally have found someone to come every two weeks for the work done for me while I am on mom's chores. "

Needy in Newtown ct - 5.0

Date: 2020-07-17

Project: Cleaning

Quality service throughout my interaction with Mejia cleaning services Llc staff I like the fast follow-up of appointments and services on time. The staff did an excellent job and left the house spotless. "

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